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It's all in the detail............

How much does the band cost? Each event has a unique set of requirements and circumstances, so it's impossible to state a fixed price. The best way to find out how much it will cost to have Jumpin at your party is to give us a call or complete the on-line application form. Give us all the event's details and we will contact you with the price.


Some of the factors that affect the price: 1. Is the venue in London? Is it in Cornwall or perhaps abroad, requiring an over night stay / flights etc?

2. Our standard booking is for a 6 hour engagement from arrival to curfew, performing up to 2 hours of live music. For example, the band arrive at 6.00pm to set up, play 2 hours of fantastic live music then finish at 12.00am and pack up. Longer engagements can be arranged for an additional fee.

3. Number of guests. An engagement of more than 200 guests will necessitate hiring extra sound and lighting equipment and crew (it also requires more setting up time). If your event has over 200 guests, please let us know, as an under-resourced engagement is a false economy! 4. Are we supplying the PA and lights or is this being supplied by the venue or yourself?


How long do the band play for? We usually play 2 sets totaling approx’ 2 hours worth of Live Music with 20 minutes break between sets.


When can I see the band play live? Virtually all of our engagements are at private or corporate events. Occasionally we do public gigs. This is a great opportunity to see the band perform in an informal environment. Email us to check when the next public gig is.


Do the band play requests? We have an ever changing repertoire of songs so we may know it anyway. It's always worth asking. 


How long does it take the band to set up? We require a minimum of 1 hours access to the venue. Our contract will ask you to define a set by time. If for example, we are to be set-up by 7pm, we will require access to the venue (specifically the stage or performance area) by 6pm latest. For some venues, loading in and out can be difficult and we may require longer. Within our setting up time, we certainly require time to soundcheck. This is to help us set the equipment to perform at its best for you and your guests. This process involves us playing at performance sound levels and is essential, so please ensure that catering staff and others in the venue are aware that this is necessary.


What size stage or performance area do we need? 16ft wide (5m) x 8ft (2.5m) deep is the absolute minimum area we need, we prefer a raised stage wherever possible to give you a better show but this is not essential. Also the stage or performing area must be level.


What if we need the band longer than the usual 6 hour engagement? This can be arranged for an additional fee.


What else do I need to provide? 1. A hot meal to be supplied at the latest an hour before our performance starts and a minimum of 5 litres of mineral water. If you'd like to offer us a cold beer and wine - that will also be welcome!  If a hot meal cannot be provided then a £10.00 per head meal allowance can be added to the balance.

2. A secure dressing room with a mirror.

3. Adequate space for the band to perform (see "What size stage or performance area do we need?")

4. Adequate on site parking.

The above are very important for the following reasons:  

a) A performance is a complete day's work for the crew and musicians, when account is taken for travel time, provision of transport and the considerable physical activity involved in setting the equipment. We will often not arrive home after the event until dawn. If it's necessary to consume a meal outside of the venue or at the band's expense, we will need to pass the cost on to you. You will invariably find it more cost effective to ask you caterer to provide sustanence than for us to source externally.

b) An adequate supply of water is essential when setting the equipment and during the performance.

c) We will wear stage clothing for your performance, as we want to look great for you and your guests. Without a secure changing area, we will need to take our clothes and other valuables to the stage with us - not at all elegant and very cumbersome!

d) An adequately sized area means you'll receive a performance that not only will look good, but will sound better! Our many years of experience in all types of venues have proved this to be the case.


How do I pay the band? Usually by bank transfer 7 days beofre the performance. 


What electricity supply do the band need? We require a 32A single-phase supply provided by mains power or regulated generator (if the venue is a marquee for example). This supply must be independent of other supplies to kitchen areas etc. The socket(s) provided for our use need to be either a 1 x 32A or 4 x 13A as a minimum. Further technical details: Please tell your electrician or the venue's engineer that the supply must conform to the latest edition of the IEE Regulations 16th Edition (BS7671: 2001) in all respects, he will know what these regulations are and how they pertain to performance situations. The above supply must be independent of other supplies to kitchen areas etc. The socket(s) provided for our use need to be supplied as above and feeding 1 x 32A BS4343 (IEC309) or 4 x 13A as a minimum. We reserve the right to refuse performance if we suspect the electricity supply is inadequate or unsafe. We cannot be held responsible for ay failure of supply.


Will the band have the same line-up as I've seen before or as featured in this website?

Jumpin engage the best musicians and singers possible.  We will absolutely ensure the performance is utterly fantastic as all line ups are equally incredible. Jumpin are made up of a number of full time, professional musicians who have been auditioned and approved to perform with us and help make your event truly special. Many of our performers also work with high-end artists and in West end shows, and by operating from a pool of high-calibre musicians and vocalists, we can guarantee availability for your performance that has the magic that Jumpin is known for. Just like other reputable bands and agencies, we do not guarantee any individual musician unless they are of significant celebrity. Unlike many bands and agencies, we are committed to always providing an exceptional experience.


Can I pick the songs Jumpin play?

As well as booking the band for their musical excellence, you are also booking them for their extensive experience in knowing what will keep the audience happy and the dance floor full. You are welcome to make suggestions from our song list - perhaps five "please play" songs  - but the final play list needs to be left to them. This is because there are many factors involved in determining the order and composition of the play list, such as key signatures, tempos, audience reaction and participatiion etc.


I have just emailed Jumpin with a booking enquiry, what happens next?

We will contact you by email or phone to confirm the band's availability and discuss your requirements enabling us to give you a quote. If you want to book us, we will send out your contract to be signed and returned within seven days with a 30% deposit. We will stay in touch and three weeks prior to your event we will confirm final details and send you a balance invoice for payment.

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